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For any application the appropriate system:


Full Water process:

The universal Full Water Immersion Retort

  • > Product Quality - one system for all requirements
  • > Variety of containers - flexible without compromises
  • > Food safety - oxygen free processing

Steam Injection process:

The Steam Injection Water Spray Retort

  • > New retort-concept - a system for multiple requirements
  • > Designed for a new packing - flexibility in pasteurisation and sterilisation
  • > Product quality - process fidelity, short cycle times

Shower Sterilizing process:

The Shower-Sterilizing System

  • > The specialist for cans, bottles and glass jars (Top Shower) and for pouches and trays (Lateral Shower)
  • > Extraordinary price-performance ratio
  • > Highly energy efficient


Automatic loading and unloading systems

  • > Cage bottom lifts
  • > Cage loading and unloading stations on various automation levels
  • > Fully automated sterilization plants

Technological service and support:

Increased Product Safety

  • > Validation
  • > Product Development
  • > Process Optimisation
  • > Training Courses


Autoclaves (sterilization system) from manual up to the fully-automated systems. Many products after filling or packing for increase in term of realization require thermal processing. Our company delivers all types of autoclaves: static, rotary and etc.

Autoclave with manual managemen   Autoclave for automatic loading / unloading of production
Autoclave with manual management   Autoclave for automatic loading / unloading of production



Novelties of the equipment

  Autoclaves/Steam Injection Process
Autoclaves/ Steam Injection Process

Variants for all requirements. Diverse customer requirements regarding capacity and sterilization process are met via our range of steam-spray retorts: from the single cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts.
  Cross-flow filter plant
Cross-flow filter plant

Many European enterprises went on utilization of filtration with utilization of cross-flow. The basic virtue of installation is the opportunity of filtration of fluids with the big contents of suspensions at once up to a sterile state, without utilization of account materials
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