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Crossflow filters with ceramic membranes:


Offering an unbeatable economy of operation.

There is a growing propensity to implement increasingly automated production cycles this cross-flow filtering system, opting for solutions capable of assuring a low environmental impact in order to reduce production costs without any negative fallout on the typical features of the wine being treated.
The real innovation lies in the use of CERAMIC MEMBRANES instead of organic filtering materials.
Their use offers an unbeatable economy of operation because their durability and suitability for sanitization processes are an enormous improvement over the organic alternative:

  • they can be used in fully automated working cycles that do not demand the presence of an operator;
  • they retain all the typical features of the wine being treated, including the substances important for its stability, such as the mannoproteins and protective colloids;
  • they achieve wines with a turbidity corresponding to 0.00 NTU, starting from products with values ranging between 25 and 1,000 NTU;
  • they require no filtering adjuvants of any kind whatsoever;
  • they can be washed at very high temperatures for an easy and effective regeneration of the membranes;
  • they last up to 5 times longer than the average life of organic membranes.

There is a complete range of models to suit every need, with a filtering area till 700 m².
Even larger models can be made to order.


cross-flow filter
Cross-flow filter



Novelties of the equipment

  Autoclaves/Steam Injection Process
Autoclaves/ Steam Injection Process

Variants for all requirements. Diverse customer requirements regarding capacity and sterilization process are met via our range of steam-spray retorts: from the single cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts.
  Cross-flow filter plant
Cross-flow filter plant

Many European enterprises went on utilization of filtration with utilization of cross-flow. The basic virtue of installation is the opportunity of filtration of fluids with the big contents of suspensions at once up to a sterile state, without utilization of account materials
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