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Our company delivers as complex (complete) decisions for food productions, and separate machines. The policy of the company - the most complete to take into account all requests and wishes of the client.
STR Company delivers the following equipment:

Complete fulling lines, separate machines for filling. STR Company offers all spectrum of machines for technological process (washing and rinsing machines, automatic devices of filling, capping, labeling, transportations, capacities, the filter equipment) for diverse products (water, vodka, beer, wine, oil, ketchup, etc.) and container (PET and glass bottles, tin).

Monoblock filling / capping   Monoblock rinsing / filling / capping
Monoblock filling / capping   Monoblock rinsing / filling / capping

The equipment for preparation and filtrations of beverages.
Preparation of a quality beverage is impossible without the hi-tech equipment. We deliver not simply the equipment, and new technologies with which beverages made by your enterprise become better. One of the important roles the equipment for filtration and plays account materials.

Kieselguhr filter   Device cross-flow
Kieselguhr filter   Cross-flow filter

Automatic labelers of the company " P.E. Labelels " (Italy). P.E. Labelels is one of leaders in production of the equipment for automatic gluing of various kinds of labels: paper, polypropylene, self-gumming labels. Automatic devices of this company have built up a reputation for themselves from the best side. More detailed information on models equipment will be give on your inquiry.

Labeling machine of a series "Executive"   Labeling machine of a series "Executive"
Labeling machine of a series "Executive"   Labeling machine of a series "Master

Autoclaves (sterilization system)
from manual up to the fully-automated systems. Many products after filling or packing for increase in term of realization require thermal processing. Our company delivers all types of autoclaves: static, rotary and etc.

Autoclave with manual managemen   Autoclave for automatic loading / unloading of production
Autoclave with manual management   Autoclave for automatic loading / unloading of production

  Systems of the account and the analysis of work of any processing lines.Until recently the enterprises product release some kinds of beverages. But the competitiveness grows also the market dictates new production conditions - we shall win that manufacturer who can more fast and with minimum costs to offer the market the beverage. At big quantity of the equipment complexity of management of him{it} grows also. At the best, reports on work of processing lines are made at the end of shift when it is impossible to affect the reason operatively. Thus both the operator, and the chief see only consequence. Due to system of automatic control the user on the terminal sees a source of a problem as this problem influences productivity of a line as a whole. There is possible a forecasting of work of a line, for example for a month forward.


Novelties of the equipment

  Autoclaves/Steam Injection Process
Autoclaves/ Steam Injection Process

Variants for all requirements. Diverse customer requirements regarding capacity and sterilization process are met via our range of steam-spray retorts: from the single cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts.
  Cross-flow filter plant
Cross-flow filter plant

Many European enterprises went on utilization of filtration with utilization of cross-flow. The basic virtue of installation is the opportunity of filtration of fluids with the big contents of suspensions at once up to a sterile state, without utilization of account materials
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